Tramming Set, Mini Mill 

Tramming Set, Mini Mill
  • Everything you need to tram a mini mill
  • Dial test indicator
  • Universal arm locks with one knob
  • Shim assortment
Part Number: 5585
Weight: 0.80 lb

Price: $75.95

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This package includes everything you need to tram your mini mill and square your vise.

Mount the indicator on the universal arm, put the shank of the universal arm in a drill chuck, and check the four corners of your mill table.

Adjust the tram by shimming under the base of the column.

Kit includes #4304 Shim Stock Assortment, #1249 Dial Test Indicator, and #4653 6" Universal Indicator Arm.

Shim Stock Assortment includes seven sheets of 5"x5" polyester shim stock.

Color coded shim stock sheets are made from a high quality plastic material. Easy to cut and resists oil. Non-magnetic and non-conductive to electricity. Corrosion resistant.

Here are the colors and thicknesses of the items.

- Shim Stock, 0.0005" Silver (mirror like coating)

- Shim Stock, 0.001" Amber

- Shim Stock, 0.0015" Purple

- Shim Stock, 0.002" Red

- Shim Stock, 0.003" Green

- Shim Stock, 0.004" Tan

- Shim Stock, 0.005" Blue

Test dial indicator has 0.0005" graduations, a range of 0-0.030" in either direction, and reading 0-15-0. It includes 5/32" and 3/8" diameter posts, dovetails on the back and end, and a 0.080" diameter point. It comes in a fitted case.

6" universal arm for holding test indicators. Arm is constructed of steel and has a central locking mechanism and fine adjustment knob.

The 3/8" indicator stem hole and dovetail grooves holds most dial indicators and test indicators.

The arm has a 8 mm (0.315") x 40 mm (1.57") unthreaded stem for placing the arm in collets.