Deluxe Productivity Upgrade Package, HiTorque Bench MillMade in United States

Deluxe Productivity Upgrade Package, HiTorque Bench Mill
  • Includes the 5655 Spindle Lock, the 5633 Quill Stop, and the 5657 power lift in one easy kit
  • Power lift Switch is mounted to the system plate and has three momentary positions: up, off, and dow
  • Electro-magnetic interlock disables power to the motor with the fork of the Spindle Brake engaged.
  • Quick and accurate way to set quill depth of cut on 5500 Bench Top Mill.
Part Number: 5846
Weight: 8.43 lb

Price: $584.95

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The Spindle Brake provides a convenient method of locking the spindle freeing both hands to complete a tool change. A safety switch ensures that power to the motor is disabled when the Spindle Brake is engaged. This Spindle Brake features an integral flip-style locking fork which locks the mill’s spindle when engaged and does not require a separate locking device to be mounted and removed from the mill.

The Quill Stop provides a quick and accurate way to set the quill depth of cut. It is great for drilling multiple holes to the same depth. The Quill Stop is also very handy in performing single or repeated chamfering of parts.

The Power Lift system for the Little Machine Shop 5500 mill functionally replaces the Z-Axis manual hand wheel that is used to raise and lower the mill head. Using the Power Lift system is really easy, just press the switch up or down and release, and you are done. It is much faster than using the hand wheel, and much easier on your shoulder.

Chris Chris' Tips
The Quill Stop is simple to operate
Simply press the button and the nut disengages from the thread
Slide to desired position and release the button to engage the threads
Turning the nut then allows for precision micro‐adjustments of depth of cut

This kit comes with complete instructions for installation.

Here are the Spindle Lock installation instructions.

  • Integral Safety Switch and hand-retractable Spring Plunger
  • Approximate dimensions and weight: 5.75l x 3.75w x 1.38"h, 2 lbs.
  • The Spindle Brake plate, block, and fork are made of 6061-T6511 Aluminum
  • The hinge and fasteners are made of Stainless Steel
  • Installs in minutes
  • Made to exacting specifications in precision machining centers in the USA


This product works with the following mills. (If your machine is not on this list, we cannot verify compatibility.)

  • 5500 HiTorque Bench Mill