Compound Clamp, Grizzly G0602Made in United States

Compound Clamp, Grizzly G0602
  • Designed for the Grizzly G0602 lathe
  • Improves rigidity
  • Made in the US
Part Number: 5857
Weight: 1.25 lb

Price: $109.95

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Improve the rigidity of your G0602 lathe with the Belfanti Machine Works G0602 compound clamp. The increased rigidity improves part-off capability and surface finishing, and it reduces chatter issues commonly found with the stock compound clamping system.

All the hardware needed to install your new compound kit (metric studs, tap, drill bit, nuts, and washers) is included, along with instructions.

You'll need the following tools to complete the installation:

* Center punch

* Hammer

* Tap handle

* Metric open end wrench set

* Metric allen wrench set

* Drill or drill press

"Compound Clamp Reverse Side
"Compound Clamp Installation Hardware