Retainer, Z-Axis Drive, HiTorque Large Bench Mill 

Retainer, Z-Axis Drive, HiTorque Large Bench Mill
  • Z-Axis drive retainer
  • Fits HiTorque large bench mill
  • Fits SIEG SX3.5
  • Structural support for Z-Axis handwheel and screw
Part Number: 6231
Weight: 0.42 lb

Price: $21.95

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Support retainer for the Z-Axis drive on the HiTorque large bench mill (SIEG SX3.5). This retainer holds the hand wheel and connects the drive mechanisms to the column.

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"Retainer Reverse View

In your instruction manual, this part appears on the parts list as:

Item No Models
B11 6700 HiTorque Large Bench Mill
Various SX3.5-US SIEG Large Bench Mill
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