Tool Bits, 3/8" Presharpened, Set of 8 HSS 

Tool Bits, 3/8" Presharpened, Set of 8 HSS
  • 3/8 X 4" 8 Piece High Speed Steel Lathe Turning Tool Set
  • M-2 high speed steel.
  • supplied in vinyl pouch
Part Number: 6288
Weight: 1.75 lb

Price: $43.95

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Set includes No.1 Left-Hand Turning Tool (80°), No.2 Right-Hand Turning Tool(80°), No.3 Straight Finishing Tool, No.4 Corner (45°) Tool, No.5 Parting Tool, No.6 Boring Tool, No.7 Threading (60°) Tool, No.8 Corner (60°) Tool.