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Drill Set, 19 Piece Metric Jobber Length HSS

         Made in United States
Drill Set, 19 Piece Metric Jobber Length HSS
Part Number: 2831
Weight: 1.51 lb

Price: $74.95

In stock
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  • Made in USA
  • Bright finish
  • 118º point
  • Jobber length
  • High speed steel


19 Piece metric high speed steel drill set.

Set includes 1.0 mm - 10.0 mm by 0.5 mm.

These are jobbers length drills with straight shanks. Jobbers length drills are normal length drills.

Includes a Huot metal index for storing the drills.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
Don't even think about comparing our drill bits to those sold by importers who sell cheap tools. Most of our drill sets are from Republic Drill Corporation in Illinois. While some of these drill sets are imported, Republic Drill Corporation has a completely different set of standards from importers who sell cheap tools.


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