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Transceiver, Bluetooth DRO

Transceiver, Bluetooth DRO
Part Number: 5501
Weight: 0.79 lb

Price: $114.20

In stock

The price above includes $14.25 tariff surcharge.
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DRO Components
DRO Components

  • Works with Android tablets and phones
  • 3-Axis capability


This 3-axis Bluetooth transceiver works with any Android tablet or phone with Bluetooth capability.

It mounts to the machine magnetically.

A 100-240V AC power supply is included.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
Here are installation instructions for the Universal Bluetooth DRO.

What's it take to assemble a DRO?

5498 Scale, Magnetic 1 Meter One meter is usually enough for small mills. See Measuring for Scales below.
5499 Read Head, Magnetic Get as many of these as you have axes on your machine.
5501 Transceiver, Bluetooth This is the "sender" that talks to your Android Bluetooth phone or tablet.
5513 Android Tablet Any Android phone or tablet works as long as it has Bluetooth capability.

Don't expect this transciever to work with any scales other than those we sell to work with it. The communication protocols used by various scales is very different.


Screenshots of of the Bluetooth Transceiver


Bluetooth transceiver inside Bluetooth Transceiver Inside view.
Bluetooth transceiver side view Bluetooth Transceiver side view.
Bluetooth transceiver wires connected Bluetooth Transceiver wires connected.
Bluetooth transceiver wires secured Bluetooth Transceiver connectors properly installed and wires secured.
Bluetooth transceiver mounted Bluetooth Transceiver mounts magnetically. Place it at a convenient location on your machine.
Bluetooth transceiver opening Use a small straight screwdriver to open the Bluetooth transceiver.


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