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Power Feed, 6550 Deluxe Bench Mill

Power Feed, 6550 Deluxe Bench Mill
Part Number: 5850
Weight: 11.2 lb

Price: $424.95

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  • Fits 5550 & 6550 HiTorque Bench Mills and SIEG Sx2.7L Mills
  • Clutch disengages power feed when not in use
  • Adjustable limit switches restrict travel
  • 120-240V 50-60Hz


Power table feed for the SX2.7L mill.

This power feed mounts on the left end of the mill's table and drives the X-axis feed screw. It is variable speed (0 to 20 inches per minute).

The kit takes about 20 minutes to install. It is a bolt-on accessory for the bench mill and requires no modifications to the machine. The power feed adds 8 1/4" inches to the left end of the table.

The power feed works on 120-240V 50-60Hz power. It has a computer-style (IEC 60320 C3/C4) power cord that unplugs from the power supply unit. This makes it easy to adapt for other countries. The furnished power cord has a North American (NEMA 5-15P) wall plug.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
Here's a video showing the power feed in action.

This 24-minute video by Frank Hoose of shows installation of the power feed and includes Frank's review.



This product works with the following mills. (If your machine is not on this list, check with us before ordering.)

  • 5550 HiTorque Bench Mill
  • 6550 HiTorque Bench Mill


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