Working with Metric Dimensions

The drawings included with our models show all dimensions in millimeters. For your convenience, we've provided a conversion tool below. Simply type the metric dimension in the left box, click the arrow button, and your answer appears on the right.

mm in

A Better Solution

Rather than converting all dimensions to inches, why not do what the rest of the world does: work in millimeters!

Keep in mind that most imported mini lathes and mini mills are metric in design and construction. (For example, the compound rest feed handle on some models has 40 divisions, and each turn of the handle supposedly advances the compound rest 0.040". In fact, each turn advances the compound rest by exactly 1 mm, which is 0.03937".)

Digital Electronic Caliler To work comfortably in metric units, you'll need metric measuring tools. Start with an electronic digital caliper, which switches between display of inches and millimeters with the press of a button. We have several models available.