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Mist Spray Unit Comparison

The Spray Mist Unit (PN 2725) has a couple of advantages. The Lock Line´┐Ż hose is very easy to adjust. The Spray Mist Unit has no small orifices to plug up. Once it is bolted to your machine it is not going anywhere.

On the other hand, the Spra-Kool Midget Mist Coolant Spray Unit (PN 2226) requires less compressed air than the Spray Mist Unit. I have a small air compressor that is rated at 5.4 CFM. It is also rated at 4.0 CFM at 40 PSI and 2.9 CFM at 90 PSI. It runs about half the time with the Spra-Kool Midget Mist Coolant Spray Unit adjusted for minimum coolant spray. It will not keep up with the Spray Mist Unit adjusted for minimum coolant spray. The pressure drops to about 70 PSI and the compressor runs continuously.

The Spra-Kool Midget Mist Coolant Spray Unit runs on 30 PSI compressed air. The Spray Mist Unit specifies 90 PSI compressed air, and requires at least 70 PSI compressed air.

The Spra-Kool Midget Mist Coolant Spray Unit is easy to set up. It mounts with a spring-wire attaching clip that you can put under almost any bolt head. I have mounted it under the thumbscrew on the front of the mini mill head.

The Spra-Kool Midget Mist Coolant Spray Unit has a small coolant orifice in the venturi. I found this plugged after the unit had been unused for a couple of months. A few seconds with a straight pin solved the problem.

One user that tried both spray units reported that the Spray Mist Unit is much easier to set for a consistent minimum spray. That is not my experience. I find them both easy to set to a consistent minimum spray.


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