Mini-Lathe Tools & Projects for Home MachinistsMade in United States

Mini-Lathe Tools & Projects for Home Machinists
  • A practical guide to tools and modifications that will extend the versatility of the mini-lathe
  • Provides photography, helpful diagrams and illustrations
  • Includes descriptive explanations for each modification
  • Contains 15 chapters that feature various tools, projects, and techniques
  • Topics from improving radius turning attachments & saddle adjustments to taper turning & knurling
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If you own a mini-lathe, this book is a must-have resource to fully understand everything this little machine can do! In continuation with its introductory manual, Mini-Lathe for Home Machinists, this book presents a series of projects to extend the versatility of small metal lathes. With detailed explanations, full-color photography, and insightful diagrams and illustrations, author David Fenner provides practical tools and modifications to help you get the most from your mini-lathe, from radius turning attachments to taper turning.

By David Fenner; revised and updated by George Bulliss, editor of The Home Shop Machinist magazine.

120 pages, softcover, 5.75" x 8.26"

ISBN 978-1-56523-916-6

Copyright 2019

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