Vise, 4" Precision Milling, Heavy, with Swivel Base 

Vise, 4" Precision Milling, Heavy, with Swivel Base
  • Precision 4" Kurt-style milling machine vise with swivel base.
  • Ground surfaces.
  • Jaws hardened and ground.
  • Fixed jaw is bolted for enhanced rigidity.
  • Detachable swivel base features easy to read divisions.
Part Number: 1755
Weight: 35.1 lb

Price: $159.95

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Heavy swivel base vise for precision milling.

The top, bottom of vise bed, gib, jaws, swivel base, and all plate mounting surfaces are ground. The jaws are hardened and ground. The fixed jaw is bolted from the top for enhanced rigidity.

The jaws are 4" wide, 1.27" deep and open 5".

With the base, the vise is 9.7" wide, 13.4" long, and 4.75" high.

Without the swivel base, the ways of the precision milling vise are parallel to the base of the vise within 0.0006" in 4". The jaws are perpendicular to the ways within 0.002" in 4". With the swivel base installed, the ways of the vise are parallel to the base of the vise within 0.0008" in 4".

Chris Chris' Tips
THIS VISE IS TOO BIG FOR A MINI MILL. Don't even think about purchasing this vise for a mill smaller than a Mill with a 20" x 6" table. We recommend a 3" vise for the mini mill.

Take a look at our vise comparison page before you choose a vise.
Jaw Width 4" (102 mm)
Jaw Depth 1.18" (30.0 mm)
Maximum Jaw Opening 4" (102 mm)
Swivel Base Yes
Weight 35 lbs (16 kg)
Height with Out Base 3.46" (87.9 mm)
Length 13.4" (340 mm)
Hold-Down Mechanism Yes
Ways Parallel to Bottom of Vise Within 0.0006" in 4" (0.015 mm in 100 mm)
Ways Parallel to Bottom of Swivel Base Within 0.0008" in 4" (0.020 mm in 100 mm)
Jaws Perpendicular to Ways Within 0.002" in 4" (0.05 mm in 100 mm)


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This product works with the following mills. (If your machine is not on this list, we cannot verify compatibility.)

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  •   SIEG X2.7L Bench Mill
  •   WEN 33075 WEN Bench Mill
  • 5500 HiTorque Bench Mill
  • 6500 HiTorque Bench Mill
  •   SIEG SX2.7 Bench Mill
  • 5550 HiTorque Bench Mill
  • 6550 HiTorque Bench Mill
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  •   SIEG SX2.7L Bench Mill
  •   Grizzly G0463 Mill/Drill
  •   Harbor Freight 93885 Central Machinery Mill/Drill
  •   SIEG X3 Small Mill
  •   Woodstock International M1110 Shop Fox Small Mill
  •   BusyBee CX611 Craftex Small Mill
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