Lathe Chuck, 3-Jaw 4", with Adapter 

Lathe Chuck, 3-Jaw 4", with Adapter
  • 3-jaw self-centering lathe chuck
  • 4" (100 mm) diameter
  • Includes chuck key, inside and outside jaws and mounting bolts
  • Includes an adapter to mount on a 3" (80 mm) flange
  • High quality steel, hardened and ground
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4" 3-Jaw self-centering lathe chuck with adapter for the mini lathe. Includes chuck key, inside and outside jaws, and mounting bolts.

The chuck can hold work up to 3.15" (80 mm) in diameter and comes with an adapter for the mini lathe so that you can bolt it on in place of a 3" (80 mm) chuck. This 4" 3-jaw lathe chuck has a 0.87" (22 mm) through hole.

The radial runout of a test bar held in this chuck, when the chuck is mounted true, is 0.003" maximum.

Chris Chris' Tips
Some people want a chuck that can hold larger diameters. 4" chucks work well on the mini lathe, but it is possible to use a 5" chuck on the mini lathe.

This chuck is a bolt-on accessory with the adapter that is included. All 4" and larger chucks require an adapter to fit on the mini lathe, no matter how many holes there are in the spindle.

Don't forget to get a set of studs and nuts to mount it.

Here is a chart that provides lathe chuck capacities and mounting dimensions.

Rated Capacity, Inside Jaws 0.08" - 1.18" (2.0 mm - 30.0 mm)
Rated Capacity, Jamming Range 1.18" - 3.54" (30.0 mm - 90.0 mm)
Rated Capacity, Outside Jaws 1.18" - 3.15" (30.0 mm - 80.0 mm)
Practical Maximum Capacity, Inside Jaws 1.60" (40.6 mm)
Practical Maximum Capacity, Outside Jaws 3.75" (95.2 mm)
Runout (Max) ≤ 0.003" (0.08 mm)
Diameter, Overall 3.94" (100.0 mm)
Registration Recess Diameter 2.83" (72.0 mm)
Registration Recess Depth 0.14" (3.5 mm)
Bolt Circle Diameter 3.31" (84.0 mm)
Center Hole Diameter 0.87" (22.0 mm)
Height 2.17" (55.0 mm)
Jaw Height Above Face 0.79" (20.0 mm)
Height with Jaws 2.95" (75.0 mm)
Number and Size of Bolts 3 M8
Chuck Key 0.31" (8.0 mm)
Chuck Designation K11-100
This product contains the following items:
  Description Qty
Adapter, 4" Lathe Chuck Adapter, 4" Lathe Chuck, P/N 1692 1
Lathe Chuck, 3-Jaw 4" Lathe Chuck, 3-Jaw 4", P/N 1698 1


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