Master Precision Level, 8", Dasqua 

Master Precision Level, 8", Dasqua
  • 8" Master Precision Level
  • Cast iron with precision ground measuring surface
  • Bubble has 0.005" graduation
  • Overall accuracy is 0.0005" per 10"
  • V-grooved base for round stock
Part Number: 2065
Weight: 4.17 lb

Price: $106.95

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Ensure a level setup with this 8" master precision level. Made in strict accordance with DIN877 standard, this level is used to measure the straightness and flatness of machine guide rails. Made of cast iron with a precision ground measuring surface. A V-grooved base allows for use on round stock, shafts and cylindrical surfaces.

Includes a main vial and a cross test vial. High-sensitivity bubble with 0.005" graduations and an accuracy of 0.0005" per 10".

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