Rack, Mini Mill Z-Axis, 13.5" Undrilled 

Rack, Mini Mill Z-Axis, 13.5" Undrilled
Part Number: 2232
Weight: 0.89 lb

Price: $22.95

In stock
This is the rack that provides the Z-axis motion on the mini mill.

The rack is approximately 13.5" long. There are no mounting holes.

Chris Chris' Tips
We stock three different Z-axis racks.

Part 1696 is about 8.75" long and has 2 mounting holes. This rack is used on current production mini mills.

Part 1486 is about 14" long and has 4 mounting holes. This rack was used on earlier mini mills, but it is useful for extending the Z-axis range.

Part number 2232 is also about 14" long. It doesn't have any mounting holes, so it is good for custom applications.

If you get the longer 1486 rack, get a couple PN 1563 screws, too. It requires 4 screws rather than the 2 screws you have in the short rack.


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