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Micrometer, 0-1" Digital CLOSEOUT 

Micrometer, 0-1" Digital  CLOSEOUT
  • Measurement range is 0-1"
  • Resolution is 0.00005"
  • Protected from dust and water to IP54 per IEC529 standard
  • Large LCD display
  • Rugged plastic case
Part Number: 2520
Weight: 1.08 lb

Price: $129.95

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This digital electronic micrometer with carbide measuring faces has a resolution of 0.00005".

There are three buttons; ON/OFF, SET to zero the display, and ABS/INC to switch between absolute and incremental measurement. The micrometer turns itself off after about 5 minutes of inactivity.

Pressing ABS/INC zeros the micrometer at any position so you can make comparative readings between two parts. The absolute measurement is not lost, and is displayed by pressing ABS/INC again.

The IP54 code says that dust shall not penetrate in a quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of the device or to impair safety, and water splashed against the device from any direction shall have no harmful effects.


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