Clamps, Screwless Vise 

Clamps, Screwless Vise
  • These clamps are designed to be used with the 3" screwless vise
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This pair of clamps is used to mount a screwless vise on your mill table.

You furnish 3/8" socket head cap screws of the appropriate length for your mill, and T-slot nuts.

These clamps are height-adjustable so they will work with any screwless vise with 8 mm (5/16") or larger holes. You can also use these clamps in the slots that are in the end of most screwless vises.

Chris Chris' Tips
These clamps make it simple to mount a screwless vise to your mill table. They are sized for 3" screwless vises with 8 mm (5/16") holes in the side.

The adjustable foot can be rotated to provide more distance from the mill table.

To use these on a mini mill, you need two T-slot nuts and two 3/8-16 x 1.25" socket head cap screws. Your hardware store has the socket head cap screws.

Here is a vise mounted with the clamps.


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