Hand Tapper, Mini 

Hand Tapper, Mini
  • Assures straight tapped holes
  • Helps prevent broken taps
  • 7 tap adapters included
Part Number: 2898
Weight: 10.8 lb

Price: $89.95

In stock
This rigid hand tapper helps prevent broken taps while tapping straight holes.

Precision ground work table and spindle ensure accuracy.

Tap adapters for #0 through 5/16" taps.

The table is 8.5" x 6". The clearance height is 3.75" and the throat depth is 4.5" The overall height is 9".

Chris Chris' Tips
The metric taps sold in the US have the same size square shanks as inch taps. So the adapters furnished with this product work for both inch and metric taps.

What's that pin on the cable for? I keeps the work piece from rotating while you tap it.


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