Variable Speed Drive Package 

Variable Speed Drive Package
  • Complete 250 W (1/3 HP) variable speed drive
  • 120 V 60 Hz power
  • 0-5000 RPM
  • Forward and Reverse
Part Number: 3062
Weight: 6.47 lb

Price: $269.95

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This is a complete variable speed motor and controller. Hook up the motor leads, plug it in and you have a 1/3 HP variable speed drive system.

The motor is 83 mm in diameter. The body of the motor is 145 mm long. The motor shaft is 8 mm diameter with a 3 mm keyway and extends out 21.5 mm. There is a retaining ring groove near the end of the shaft.

There are two M6 threaded holes in the side of the motor for mounting, our it can be end mounted with a motor mounting flange.

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Here are connection instructions for the variable speed drive package.


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