DVD: Work Holding on the Mini Lathe CLOSEOUT 3123  (Discontinued)Made in United States

DVD: Work Holding on the Mini Lathe CLOSEOUT
  • Includes video and ShopBuddy software
Part Number: 3123  (Discontinued)
Weight: 0.20 lb

Price: $26.95

Mini-Machines 101:Beyond the 3-Jaw Chuck: 4-Jaws, Faceplates, Fixtures & More on the Mini Lathe plus ShopBuddy software.

This video is designed to familiarize you with alternate methods of work holding that will allow you to use your mini lathe to its full potential.

Some of the topics covered are shop safety, setting up and using a 4-jaw chuck, centering round stock, centering non-round stock, tailstock & laser methods of centering, using the lathe wiggler, faceplate operations, turning between centers, and using fixtures for large work pieces.

Also included is an end user license for our Shopbuddy software. Shopbuddy does the math to calculate V-form thread dimensions. Enter the size and pitch of your desired part, and Shopbuddy will handle the number-crunching instantly

Running time: Approx. 55 minutes.