Drill, 3/4", Reduced Shank (S&D), HSS 

Drill, 3/4", Reduced Shank (S&D), HSS
  • 3/4" reduced shank (Silver & Deming) drill
  • High Speed Steel, black oxide finish
  • 6" overall length
  • 1/2" straight shank
  • 118 degree drill point
Part Number: 3205
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Reduced shank drill, also called a Silver & Deming drill, has a reduced straight shank that is smaller than the diameter of the cutting bit. The smaller shank allows for the use of a 1/2" drill chuck while cutting larger holes.

This 3/4" drill is 6" in length and has a 1/2" shank. The drill is made of high speed steel (HSS).

The cutting tip is 118 degrees and the drill has a black oxide coating.

"Drill 118 degree point