Sine Bar, 5" 

Sine Bar, 5"
  • Working face accurate to 0.00003" per inch of length
  • 5.00" center distance of rolls accurate to 0.0002"
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Weight: 1.00 lb

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Use a sine bar and space blocks to set or measure extremely accurate angles.
Chris Chris' Tips
There are tables available that tell you how tall a stack of space blocks you need for a particular angle with a sine vise or sine bar. But nowadays, it is probably easier to find a calculator that has a sine function than the appropriate table. (There is such a calculator built into Windows--switch to scientific view.)

Here is how to use a calculator to calculate the stack of space blocks you need:
1. Enter the angle in decimal degrees (for example 15.2).
2. Press the SINE (or SIN) key (result 0.26218).
3. Press the X (multiply) key.
4. Enter the roll spacing (for example 5).
5. Press the = (equal) key (result 1.31095).