Hacksaw Frame, Heavy Duty, Starrett 

Hacksaw Frame, Heavy Duty, Starrett
  • Starrett Closed Grip Heavy Duty High-Tension Hacksaw Frame
  • Starrett catalog number K145
  • 12" (300mm) frame
  • 4-3/8" (110mm) throat depth
Part Number: 3562
Weight: 2.00 lb

Price: $50.00

In stock
The K145 is a rugged, professional quality high-tension frame constructed of cast aluminum with an extra-thick tubular steel bar for added strength. The steel tube also provides on-hand storage for spare blades.

The K145 High-Tension Frame is engineered for use with Starrett bi-metal Bluestripe® and Greenstripe® blades.

With just three 360° turns, the easy to use adjusting screw will tension the blade up to 28,000 psi (2,000kg/cm) which prevents the blade from twisting and binding when bearing down on the cut. Each K145 Heavy Duty High-Tension Frame is shipped with a Starrett Bluestripe bi-metal unique ground tooth hacksaw blade.

Chris Chris' Tips
I started using one of these and found a bunch of great features that Starrett doesn't mention in their catalog.

You can store extra blades inside the frame. Great when working outside the shop.

There is a set screw at the top front of the frame that has several uses. First, it keeps the blades stored in the frame from falling out. Second, you can put a blade partway out and secure it with the set screw for "jab" sawing in tight quarters. Third, you can also use a reciprocating saw blade for "jab" sawing.

You can mount the blade in the regular upright position or you can mount the blade at a 45° angle for flush cutting.

This is the solidest hacksaw frame that I have ever used.

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