Tap & Die Set, 41-Piece Metric Made in United States

Tap & Die Set, 41-Piece Metric
  • 41-piece metric tap and hexagon die set for threading operations
  • Metric sizes of plug style taps plus 5/8" and 1" hexagon dies
  • Includes three tap handles and two die stocks
  • 16-leaf metric thread pitch gauge and screwdriver
  • Plastic case with lift-out tray
Part Number: 3600
Weight: 4.20 lb

Price: $279.95

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This USA-made IRWIN brand 41 PC set can be used to restore or start new threads. The taps and dies are made from high carbon steel.

The Hanson 41-Piece Metric Tap and Hex Die Set includes metric plug style taps, plus 5/8-inch and 1-inch hexagon dies. A DS-26 adjustable guide diestock and DS-57 plain diestock for cutting external threads on metal cylinders is included, as well as a TR-88 adjustable handle tap wrench to create internal screw threads, a TR-73 two-in-one tap wrench, and a TR-50 two-in-one tap wrench. There's also an 16-leaf metric thread pitch gauge, a screwdriver, and a handy plastic case to keep everything organized.

41-pc set in plastic case includes the following items:

Metric Plug Tap and 5/8" Hexagon Dies in sizes: 3mm - 0.50, 4mm - 0.70, 4mm - 0.75, 5mm - 0.80, 5mm - 0.90, 6mm - 1.00

Metric Plug Tap and 1" Hexagon Dies in sizes: 7mm - 1.00, 8mm - 1.00, 8mm - 1.25, 9mm - 1.00, 9mm - 1.25, 10mm - 1.25, 10mm - 1.50, 11mm - 1.50, 12mm - 1.50, 12mm - 1.75

Pipe Thread Plug Tap and 1" Hexagon Dies in sizes: 1/8" - 28 BSP

Threading Tools: Adjustable Die Stock - 1" Dies, Plain Die Stock - 5/8" Hexagon Dies, Adj. Handle Tap Wrench - Taps No. 0 to 1/4", Two-in-One Tap Wrench - taps 1/4" to 1/2", 16 Leaf Metric Thread Pitch Gauge, Empty Plastic Case