Adapter, 4" Lathe Chuck on 4" Rotary Table CLOSEOUT 

Adapter, 4" Lathe Chuck on 4" Rotary Table CLOSEOUT
  • Mounts a 4" 3- or 4-jaw chuck on 1810 and 2420 rotary tables
  • Maximum diameter matches chuck diameter
Part Number: 3782
Weight: 1.43 lb

Price: $74.95

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This adapter attaches to the rotary table with some special tapered T-slot nuts that are tightened by the 4 cap screws around the outside.

You mount the adapter to the chuck with cap screws using the holes around the periphery. It will mount either 3-Jaw or 4-Jaw 4” (100 mm) chucks.

Remove the 4 cap screws around the outside. Slide the special T-slot nuts into the T-slots on the rotary table. Set the chuck and adapter over the T-slot nuts and reinsert the cap screws. The adapter is registered by the boss that extends from the bottom of the adapter. Tighten the 4 cap screws evenly.

This adapter will only mount a 4” (100 mm) lathe chuck on a model 1810 or 2420 rotary table. It will not fit any other rotary table.

Outside Diameter Ø 3.9" (100 mm)
Center Hole Ø 0.6" (14 mm)
Table Side Registration Boss Ø 0.9" (24 mm)
Adapter Mounting Holes None
Chuck Side Registration Boss Ø 2.8" (72 mm)
Chuck Side Bolt Circle Ø 3.3" (84 mm)
Chuck Mounting Holes 6


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