Threading Tool Bit and Center GageMade in United States

Threading Tool Bit and Center Gage
  • 5/16" HSS Threading Tool Bit
  • 60 Degree Center Gage
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The threading tool bit is sharpened on both ends to a 60° angle for threading. It is made from high speed steel.

Both ends are offset, one so you can thread near a left shoulder, and the other so you can thread near a right shoulder.

The center gage is made in the US by Products Engineering Corporation (PEC).

The center gage is used for grinding and setting screw cutting tools. Scales with 14ths and 20ths graduations provided on one side, 24ths and 32nds on reverse side. Scales are used to determine number of threads per inch. The gage also features a table of double depths of thread for selecting size of tap drills. It is made of hardened spring tempered steel, with a protective satin chrome finish. All gaging surfaces are precision ground.

Chris Chris' Tips
This photo shows how to align a threading tool using the thread gage. You also use the thread gage to check the angle on the threading tool bit.

Have you ever wondered what the numbers on a center gage are for? Here is more information than you wanted.