Drill Set, #1-60 Screw Machine Length HSSMade in United States

Drill Set, #1-60 Screw Machine Length HSS
  • Made in the USA
  • Surface treated black finish
  • Heavy duty 135º split point
  • High speed steel
Part Number: 4150
Weight: 1.09 lb

Price: $109.95

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#1 to 60 high speed steel drill set.

Set includes number drills from 1 to 60.

Screw machine length drills are 5/8 as long as normal jobber-length drills. These shorter drill bits are useful on mini lathes and mini mills where there isn't much distance for tools.

Includes a Huot metal index for storing the drills.

Chris Chris' Tips
Here is a list of number drill sizes in decimal inches and millimeters.