Computer, Machine Controller 4244  (Discontinued) 

Computer, Machine Controller
  • Dual Core Atom processor
  • 60 GB solid state drive
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 19" Flat screen monitor
  • Keyboard & Mouse
Part Number: 4244  (Discontinued)
Weight: 15.0 lb

Price: $639.95

The Mini-ITX Dual Core Atom computer includes the computer, a 19" flat screen monitor, plus keyboard and mouse. It comes with a fully licensed copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

This computer mounts on the back of the flat-screen monitor using the VESA mounting holes. This is a very compact setup for your shop. We even include a short monitor cable.

This computer includes a parallel port on the motherboard, and is guaranteed to work with CNC milling machines with parallel interface.

This computer is optimized to run Mach3. It's not designed to run CAD/CAM software. But you don't want to use those programs in your shop anyway. Install CAD/CAM programs on your desktop computer.

Chris Chris' Tips
We recommend the Tormach Performance Machine Controller for Tormach PCNC mills. It's got the horsepower to run long and complicated G-code on these machines.

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