Basic Lathework for Home MachinistsMade in United States

Basic Lathework for Home Machinists
  • An overview of the lathe and lathework
  • By Stan Bray
  • 176 pages, softcover, 5.75" x 8.27"
  • ISBN 978-1-56523-696-7
  • Copyright 2013
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Basic Lathework thoughtfully explains all aspects of the lathe and covers the selection of a machine and its construction, from modern types of machines to more traditional models. All aspects of tooling, machining operations – including general machining, taper turning, threading, and boring – are described in depth for a full understanding of the extensive capabilities of a lathe. Author Stan Bray pays particular attention to modern applications, such as the conversion of power supplies from single to three phase, and the use of digital equipment to improve efficiency. It is suitable for beginners with no knowledge of lathework, and to those who are more advanced and want to improve their skills. With expert advice on steadies, tool height, how to use cutting fluids, mandrels, and more, you’ll be able to use your lathe to its fullest potential.
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