Adapter, 6" Lathe Chuck 

Adapter, 6" Lathe Chuck
  • Fits 6" 3-Jaw Lathe Chucks with 130 mm Registration Recess
  • Can Use with 6" Chuck on a Flange for 4" Chuck with 72 mm Registration Boss
  • Works on 8x12 and 8x14 Lathes
Part Number: 4912
Weight: 5.12 lb

Price: $29.95

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This adapter mounts a 6" 3-jaw lathe chuck with a 130 mm registration recess on a flange for a 4" chuck with a 72 mm registration boss. It works on 8x12 and 8x14 lathes as well as the Harbor Freight 5980 multipurpose machine. It also fits the SIEG C4 and SC4 lathes.

*NOTE* If using with 2038 4-jaw chuck, additional mounting holes will need to be drilled.

Outside Diameter Ø 6.5" (165 mm)
Center Hole Ø 2.0" (50 mm)
Spindle Side Registration Recess Ø 2.8" (72 mm)
Spindle Side Bold Circle Ø 3.3" (84 mm)
Chuck Side Registration Boss Ø 5.1" (130 mm)
Chuck Side Bolt Circle Ø 5.6" (142 mm)
Chuck Mounting Holes 3


This product works with these products:

This product works with lathes with a 100 mm flange chuck mount and a 8 to 12 inch swing including:

  •   MX-8x14 Preenex (and others) 8x14 Lathe
  •   Harbor Freight 44859 Central Machinery 8x12 Precision Mini Lathe
  •   Grizzly G0768 8x16 Benchtop Lathe
  • 3536 HiTorque 8.5x16 Bench Lathe
  •   SIEG C4 8.5x16 Bench Lathe
  •   SIEG SC4 8.5x16 Bench Lathe
  •   Travers Tools OT218410 OTMT 8x16 Bench Lathe
  • 3540 HiTorque 8.5x20 Bench Lathe
  • 3595 HiTorque 8.5x20 Deluxe Bench Lathe
  • 7500 HiTorque 8.5x20 Bench Lathe
  • 7550 HiTorque 8.5x20 Deluxe Bench Lathe