Insert, VCMW-221 HSSMade in United States

Insert, VCMW-221 HSS
  • T-15 high speed steel
  • 35° diamond, 7° relief
  • 40°-60° single countersink, no chip breaker
  • 0.0156" (1/64") corner radius
  • ANSI: VCMW221, ISO: VCMW110304 HSS
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VCMW-221 insert made from T-15 high speed steel, combine the advantages of high speed steel cutting tools with the convenience of indexable tooling.

Insert is a 35° diamond with a 7° relief. The center hole is a 40°-60° single countersink, and there is no chip breaker.

It has an inscribed circle (IC) of 0.25" (1/4"), a thickness of 0.125" (1/8"), and a corner (nose) radius of 0.0156" (1/64").

The insert is designated VCMW221 (ANSI) or VCMW110304 HSS (ISO). For a list of compatible products, see the Compatibility tab.

This high-quality insert is made in America by the Arthur R Warner company.

Inserts are sold individually—no need to buy a pack of 10 inserts.

Chris Chris' Tips
Insert VCMW-221

T-15 is a grade of cobalt tool steel, which offers the highest hardness of most common high speed steel grades.

This heavy-duty, high-speed steel grade offers maximum cutting-edge endurance and wear resistance due to its high Vanadium content. The Cobalt content additionally lends it high temperature hardness and resistance to tempering.

Make sure you get the correct inserts for your indexable turning tools.

Our chart of indexable inserts shows which inserts to use with each of our indexable tools.

Insert VCMW-221

insert VCMW-221
Inscribed Circle  ∅ IC 1/4"
Corner Radius R 1/64"
Clearance Angle C
Thickness T 1/8"
Length L 7/16"
Hole / Chip Breaker ∅D 7/64" / none