Collet Tool Changing Fixture, Tormach TTS ToolingMade in United States

Collet Tool Changing Fixture, Tormach TTS Tooling
  • Change tools conveniently by inserting the holder, loosen, change tools, and tighten.
  • The Priest Tools fixture holds the tool holder in an upright vertical position
  • Dimensions: 5.75” x 2” x .25”
  • Made of 1018 carbon steel and nickel plated
  • Made in the USA
Part Number: 5116
Weight: 0.67 lb
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The collet tool changing fixture for Tormach TTS tooling e provides a quick and convenient way of changing tools in Tormach TTS ER-16 and ER-20 tool holders. To operate simply place the fixture in a vise with the desired end of the wrench, ER-16 or ER-20, extending from the vice, slide the TTS tool holder into the slot and then loosen or tighten the tool in the tool holder with a separate wrench. This item works with any Tormach TTS ER-16 or ER-20 collet tool holder.


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