Indexable End Mill Set, 1/2" Shank Square Shoulder 

Indexable End Mill Set, 1/2" Shank Square Shoulder
  • 90° square shoulder milling
  • Cutting Diameters: 3/8", 1/2", and 5/8"
  • Overall length 3"
  • Two single flute and one two flute tools
  • Includes: standard APKT-1003 Inserts
Part Number: 5929
Weight: 0.78 lb
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Square shoulder milling cutters allow for a true 90° cut, combining peripherial milling with face milling. It is ideal for slotting.

This 3 Piece set of square shoulder end mill have 1/2" shanks and overall length of 3" each. The cutting diameters are 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8". The 3/8"s and 1/2" end mills are single flute and require one APKT-1003 insert each. The 5/8" end mill has 2 flutes and requires two inserts.

This set comes with APKT-1003 carbide coated inserts, which are an excellent alternative to HSS for heavy material removal.

"Indexable End Mill Set End Mill Set in Case
"Indexable End Mill Set Alternate View
"Indexable End Mill Set Detail of Cutting Insert


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