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Products > Replacement Parts > Lathes, Mini 7x10/7x12 (C2)      

Fuses, 15A

Fuses, 15A
Part Number: 3765
Weight: 0.01 lb

Price: $2.49

In stock
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5 each, 15 amp, fast-acting fuses. These are 5 mm x 20 mm fuses.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
Machine ClassMachine ModelMain Power FusePC Board Fuse
AmperageLMS P/NAmperageLMS P/N
Mini Lathe C2 5A 1217    
Mini Lathe SC2 10A 3797 10A 3797
Mini Lathe C3 5A 1217    
Bench Lathe SC4 20A 3798 20A 3798
Micro Mill X1 2A 2090    
Micro Mill SX1P 5A 1217 10A 3797
Mini Mill X2 5A 1217    
Mini Mill SX2 10A 3797 15A 3765
Bench Mill SX2.7 15A 3765 15A 3765
Mill / Drill X3 10A 3797    
Mill / Drill SX3 20A 3798 20A 3798
CNC Mill KX1 10A 3797 10A 3797
CNC Mill KX3 10A 3797 10A 3797
Speed Lathe CS5 10A 3797 10A 3797
Bandsaw G2A 10A 3797 10A 3797
Mini Horizontal/Vertical Mill U1 10A 3797 10A 3797
Mini Horizontal/Vertical Mill SU1 10A 3797 10A 3797


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