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Tooling Package, Mini Lathe, 0XA QCTP
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Digital Position Readout, 2-Axis DRO Pros Lathe

Digital Position Readout, 2-Axis DRO Pros Lathe
Part Number: 3929
Weight: 40.0 lb

Price: $599.00

In stock
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  • Easiest to use DRO on the market. More buttons, most intuitive layout--just walk up and operate
  • 5 micron (0.0002") resolution. 1 micron (0.00005") resolution with inexpensive scale upgrade
  • Full-color, clearly-written installation and users manuals, 3-year warranty
  • SlimLine 20 mm x 28.5 mm (0.79" x 1.12") scales; you choose the length, up to 1000 mm (39.3")


The DRO PROS 2L two-axis lathe package includes everything you need: the display head; 2 glass scales up to 1000 mm (39.3") travel; detailed installation instructions; a detailed full-color operator’s manual; 3-year warranty; display mounting arm; power cord; mounting hardware; and universal mounting brackets.

The package includes your choice of 19 different size scales ranging in travel from 100 mm (3.9") up to 1000 mm (39.3") in 50 mm increments. Optionally, you can choose 1 micron (0.00005") resolution scales for an additional $50.00 per scale.

Operates on 120V or 240V AC.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
You have to tell us which scales you need. This is always based on your machine’s travel.

Here is how to measure your machine’s travel: With the machine off, position the machine to one end of its travel. With a grease pencil, make a mark across where the moving and stationary surfaces meet. The line should be half on the moving part and half on the stationary part. Next, move your machine to the opposite end of its travel, and then simply measure the distance between the marks.

Now, add ¾" to the distance you measured and convert it to mm by multiplying by 25.4. (Or, measure the distance in mm, and add 20 mm.) Round up to the next even 50 mm and that’s the scale you need.

Let’s look at an example:

Measured distance


143 mm

Add ¾" (20 mm) margin


20 mm

Required scale travel


163 mm

Convert to mm

162 mm

Next scale size

200 mm

200 mm

Now repeat this procedure for the other axes on your machine.


Resolution 5 μm, 0.005 mm, 0.0002"
Specified Accuracy 6 μm, 0.006 mm, 0.0002" / 50 mm travel
Accuracy / Foot 0.0014" (0.036 mm)
Accuracy / 100 mm 0.0005" (0.012 mm)
Scales Cut to Length by User No
Scale Technology Glass
Scale Protection Coolant & dust resistant
Voltage 120-240 V
Clear to Zero Yes
Direct Entry of Position Yes
Inch/mm Display Yes
Power Off Memory Yes
Reversible Count Direction Yes
Find Center Yes
Bolt Circles Yes
Bolt Lines Yes
Preset Points No
Tool Offsets No
Radius/Diameter Yes
Incremental/Absolute Yes
Calculator Yes
Arc machining Yes
Linear Error Compensation Yes
Made in China
Warranty 3 years
Phone Tech Support Free


This item ships directly from our supplier in California to you. It might be a day or two longer before it ships, and you will receive it in a separate package from other items on your order. You might receive this item a few days before or a few days after you receive items shipped from our warehouse.


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