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HiTorque 5550 Bench Mill

       Parts Diagram
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Arbor, Drill Chuck R8 to 33JT

1676 Arbor, Drill Chuck R8 to 33JT

$11.95 Parts Diagram Item A27
Quill Depth Digital Display

5664 Quill Depth Digital Display

$86.47 Parts Diagram Item A28
Motor Mount, HiTorque Bench Mill

5706 Motor Mount, HiTorque Bench Mill

$25.51 Parts Diagram Item A29
Oil Seal, Lower

5707 Oil Seal, Lower

$5.58 Parts Diagram Item A30
Oil Seal, Upper

5708 Oil Seal, Upper

$4.88 Parts Diagram Item A31
Bearing, Tapered Roller HR32907J

5845 Bearing, Tapered Roller HR32907J

$29.10 Parts Diagram Item A32
Pin, Spindle R8

5709 Pin, Spindle R8

$3.32 Parts Diagram Item A33
Bearing, Thrust 51106

3280 Bearing, Thrust 51106

$7.71 Parts Diagram Item A34
Spacer, Spindle Bearings Bottom

5710 Spacer, Spindle Bearings Bottom

$5.71 Parts Diagram Item A35
Bearing, 6006-2RS

3286 Bearing, 6006-2RS

$21.95 Parts Diagram Item A36
Nut, Spindle

5711 Nut, Spindle

$1.76 Parts Diagram Item A37
Spacer, Spindle Bearings Top

5712 Spacer, Spindle Bearings Top

$4.36 Parts Diagram Item A38
Set Screw, M6x8 Socket Flat Point

1578 Set Screw, M6x8 Socket Flat Point

$0.45 Parts Diagram Item A40
Set Screw, M6x10 Socket Flat Point

1573 Set Screw, M6x10 Socket Flat Point

$0.53 Parts Diagram Item A41
Contact Ring

5713 Contact Ring

$22.05 Parts Diagram Item A42
Retainer, Bearing

5714 Retainer, Bearing

$19.67 Parts Diagram Item A43
Bearing, 6007-2RS

1220 Bearing, 6007-2RS

$21.95 Parts Diagram Item A44
Retaining Ring, M62 External

3296 Retaining Ring, M62 External

$0.95 Parts Diagram Item A45
Cap Screw, M5x16 Socket Head

1533 Cap Screw, M5x16 Socket Head

$0.54 Parts Diagram Item A47
Pulley, Timing Belt Spindle

5715 Pulley, Timing Belt Spindle

$43.90 Parts Diagram Item A48
Retainer, Spindle Cap

4076 Retainer, Spindle Cap

$14.39 Parts Diagram Item A49
Drawbar, Bench Mill

5717 Drawbar, Bench Mill

$15.51 Parts Diagram Item A50
Cap, Spindle

5718 Cap, Spindle

$15.74 Parts Diagram Item A51
Pulley, Timing Belt Motor

5719 Pulley, Timing Belt Motor

$15.75 Parts Diagram Item A52
Bearing, Thrust 12x22x5

5720 Bearing, Thrust 12x22x5

$8.13 Parts Diagram Item A53
Jump to items:   No Number   A01-A26   A27-A53   A54-A81   A82-B18   B19-C13   C14-D04   D05-E04   E06-F16   



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