Tool Bit, 1/8" x 2-1/2", M2 HSS 

Tool Bit, 1/8" x 2-1/2", M2 HSS
  • 1/8" x 2-1/2" Tool Bit
  • M2 High Speed Steel
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1/8" Square 2-1/2" Long HSS Tool Bit.

These are imported tool bits made of M2 high speed steel.

Chris Chris' Tips
These tool bits are accurately ground on four sides and can be used as inexpensive parallels to support work on the mini mill or surface plate.


This product works with lathes with a 0.125 to 0.25 inch tool bit size including:

  •   Sherline 4000/4100 3.5x8 Lathe
  •   Sherline 4400/4410 3.5x17 Lathe
  •   Taig Micro Lathe II 4x9 Micro Lathe