Coolant, Kool Mist 77, PintMade in United States

Coolant, Kool Mist 77, Pint
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Kool Mist 77 coolant is highly recommended for mist cooling any metal or alloy where tougher machine conditions require greater lubricity. It is particularly useful where the material is very abrasive.

Improves metal cutting, milling, turning, drilling, grinding, and sawing.

You can also use Kool Mist 77 as a flood coolant.

Kool Mist 77 is 100% synthetic and biodegradable, and meets the requirements of OSHA & EPA. This coolant will not cause rancidity or buildup and creates no rust or corrosion when diluted with clean water. Workpieces and machine parts remain clean and unstained.

Mix this Kool Mist coolant concentrate with 32 parts water before use. Makes over 4 gallons of coolant.

Chris Chris' Tips
We sell Kool Mist 77 coolant in pints and gallons. Use it with a mist spray unit or a flood coolant unit.

Here is the Safety Data Sheet for Kool Mist formula #77.

Kool Mist 77 is concentrated. Mix it 32 to 1 with water before you use it. Mix 1½ teaspoons of concentrate to one cup of water.

See the mist spray unit comparison.


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