Vise, 1" Screwless, Built-in Parallels 

Vise, 1" Screwless, Built-in Parallels
  • Notches in jaws provide built-in parallels
  • Jaw opening capacity is 1"
  • Hardened to RC 58-62
Part Number: 3142
Weight: 0.51 lb

Price: $39.95

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This high precision toolmakers screwless vise has a one-piece body. The body and jaws are hardened to Rc 58-62. All sides are flat, square, and parallel to 0.0002".

The jaws are 3/8" deep and open to 1".

The vise is 2-5/8" long x 1" wide.

Chris Chris' Tips
You can use your clamping kit to secure this vise using the slots in the ends, but we recommend that you make a couple of clamping blocks to secure the vise across the table.

Take a look at our vise comparison page before you choose a vise.

Jaw Depth 0.375" (9.52 mm)
Maximum Jaw Opening 1" (25 mm)
Weight 0.51 lbs (0.23 kg)
Length 2.625" (66.67 mm)