Tool Bits, T-15 High Speed Steel, Individual SizesMade in United States

Tool Bits, T-15 High Speed Steel, Individual Sizes
  • 2-1/2" long T-15 HSS tool bits
T-15 is a tungsten type super high speed steel containing high vanadium for excellent abrasion resistance and cobalt for good red hardness. AISI T-15 is ideal for cutting difficult to machine materials where high frictional heat is present.

Chris Chris' Tips
We carry both imported tool bits made of M2 high speed steel and American-made tool bits made of T-15 high speed steel from the A. R. Warner Co.

AISI T-15 provides excellent wear resistance and good hot hardness.

Typical Chemistry
Carbon 1.60%
Manganese 0.30%
Chromium 4.00%
Vanadium 4.90%
Silicon 0.30%
Tungsten 12.00%
Cobalt 5.00%
Sulfur 0.06%

Typical Hardness
Rc 65-68