Tool Bits, T-15 High Speed Steel, Individual SizesMade in United States

Tool Bits, T-15 High Speed Steel, Individual Sizes
  • 2-1/2" long T-15 HSS tool bits
T-15 is a tungsten type super high speed steel containing high vanadium for excellent abrasion resistance and cobalt for good red hardness. AISI T-15 is ideal for cutting difficult to machine materials where high frictional heat is present.

Chris Chris' Tips
T-15 is a grade of cobalt tool steel, which offers the highest hardness of most common high speed steel grades.

This heavy-duty, high-speed steel grade offers maximum cutting-edge endurance and wear resistance due to its high Vanadium content. The Cobalt content additionally lends it high temperature hardness and resistance to tempering.

We carry both imported tool bits made of M2 high speed steel and American-made tool bits made of T-15 high speed steel from the A. R. Warner Co.

AISI T-15 provides excellent wear resistance and good hot hardness.

Typical Chemistry
Carbon 1.60%
Manganese 0.30%
Chromium 4.00%
Vanadium 4.90%
Silicon 0.30%
Tungsten 12.00%
Cobalt 5.00%
Sulfur 0.06%

Typical Hardness
Rc 65-68