Metric Threading Kit 16" 

Metric Threading Kit 16"
  • Metric threading kit for 7x16 mini lathes
  • Fits HiTorque, SIEG, and other 7x16 mini lathes
Part Number: 4877
Weight: 2.99 lb

Price: $66.95

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Metric threading kit for 7x16 mini lathe or HiTorque mini lathes that have the 7x16 bed extension.

This kit replaces the lead screw and half nuts so you can more easily cut metric threads.

You cannot use a threading dial with this kit installed. There is no metric threading dial.

See the Compatibility tab for machines known to work with this product.


This product works with the following lathes. (If your machine is not on this list, we cannot verify compatibility.)

  •   Micro-Mark 84631 MicroLux 7x16 Mini Lathe
  • 5200 HiTorque 7x16 Mini Lathe
  • 5100 HiTorque 7x16 Mini Lathe
  • 7350 HiTorque 7x16 Mini Lathe
  • 7450 HiTorque 7x16 Mini Lathe