Cut-Off Blade, 1/16" x 7/32" x 3", M2 HSSMade in United States

Cut-Off Blade, 1/16" x 7/32" x 3", M2 HSS
  • M2 High Speed Steel
  • Width: 1/16" (0.062"), Height: 7/32" (0.218"), Length: 3"
  • Used on 5106, 5107, and 5130 grooving & cut-off tools
Part Number: 5109
Weight: 0.01 lb

Price: $20.95

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1/16" (0.062") x 7/32" (0.218") x 3" M2 HSS cut-off blade.

This is a premium American-made M2 high speed steel cut-off blade made in the USA by Arthur R. Warner Co.

This is a replacement blade for grooving & cut-off tools parts 5106, 5107, and 5130.

Our Lathe Cut-Off Blade is made with M2 high speed steel, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable performance. It measures 1/16" x 7/32" x 3" and is perfect for all your lathe cutting needs. The M2 high speed steel provides excellent wear resistance. Whether you're a professional machinist or a DIY enthusiast, you can trust in the quality of our Lathe Cut-Off Blade for all your machining tasks.

M2 high speed steel is a popular choice for cutting tools due to its ability to maintain a sharp edge at high temperatures and its resistance to wear and deformation. It is made by adding molybdenum and tungsten to a basic high carbon steel alloy, resulting in a tool material that is tough and durable. Our Lathe Cut-Off Blade is made with this top-quality material, ensuring that it can handle even the most demanding machining tasks.

The Arthur R. Warner Co. is a family-owned American manufacturer of high speed steel products with specialization in cutting, shaping, pre-grinding, heat treating, and finish grinding of premium grades of flat high speed steel. Their quality is excellent and is proud to carry their products.