Lathe Chuck, 4-Jaw 5", Independent, Premium, Harlingen 

Lathe Chuck, 4-Jaw 5", Independent, Premium, Harlingen
  • Independent 4-Jaw lathe chuck
  • 5" (125 mm) diameter
  • High quality components for enhanced wear-resistance
  • Includes chuck key, inside and outside jaws
Part Number: 6086
Weight: 11.0 lb

Price: $219.95

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Harlingen 5 inch 4-jaw independent lathe chuck. The Harlingen chucks have similar specifications to our other lathe chucks in terms of clamping range however they have a better runout and the material construction of the chuck is better.

The chuck body is made of wear-resistant cast iron with a higher hardness than similarly made lathe chucks.

The cover plate, scroll plate and pinions are all constructed of higher quality steels for added strength and resistance to wear.

The jaws are made of 1045 hardened carbon steel and manufactured for precise fit and clamping performance.

Each chuck has in individual serial number and inspection report.

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Chris Chris' Tips
Some people want a chuck that can hold larger diameters. 4" chucks work well on the mini lathe, but it is possible to use a 5" chuck on the mini lathe.

Mount this chuck on a mini lathe with one of our chuck adapters. Or purchase a chuck with an adapter already mounted.

Here are instructions for centering work in a 4-jaw chuck. It's easy if you follow this procedure.

Here is a chart that provides lathe chuck capacities and mounting dimensions.

Rated Capacity, Inside Jaws 0.28" - 2.24" (7.0 mm - 57.0 mm)
Rated Capacity, Outside Jaws 1.89" - 4.92" (48.0 mm - 125.0 mm)
Runout (Max) ≤ 0.002" (0.05 mm)
Diameter, Overall 4.92" (125.0 mm)
Registration Recess Diameter 3.74" (95.0 mm)
Registration Recess Depth 0.18" (4.5 mm)
Bolt Circle Diameter 4.25" (108.0 mm)
Center Hole Diameter 1.18" (30.0 mm)
Height 2.20" (56.0 mm)
Jaw Height Above Face 0.87" (22.0 mm)
Height with Jaws 3.07" (78.0 mm)
Number and Size of Bolts 4 M8
Chuck Key 0.37" (9.5 mm)
Chuck Designation K72-125
"Lathe Chuck Back View
"Lathe Chuck H-Groove
"Lathe Chuck Scroll plate and pinions
"Lathe Chuck Hardened pinions
"Lathe Chuck Scroll Plate
"Lathe Chuck Chuck Jaw
"Lathe Chuck Chuck Key