Cutting Oil, Viper's Venom, 12 oz.Made in United States

Cutting Oil, Viper's Venom, 12 oz.
  • 12 oz. bottle - Viper's Venom Cutting Oil
  • Superior high-sulfur cutting oil
  • For cutting all ferrous metals
  • Ideal for tapping, threading, reaming and lathe work
  • Will not cause sticking or gumming
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This high sulfur content cutting oil was recommended to us by the guys at the Arthur R. Warner Co. They know high speed steel and they use this stuff in their shop.

It's great for threading, tapping, turning and milling.

Viper's Venom is a superior high-sulfur cutting oil that is specifically formulated for cutting all ferrous metals. Ideal for tapping, threading, reaming, and lathe work. Works extremely well when threading or reaming stainless steel rifle barrels due to its extreme lubricity and cooling properties.

Viper's Venom is a stable product. It contains saponifiables to promote adhesion to the work and tools, and to provide oiliness

It is fortified with sulfur and chlorine to reduce metal pick-up, galling, and welding

It has good cooling ability

It will cause only slight staining of ferrous metals

It will not cause sticking or gumming

It has good resistance to rancidity

Chris Chris' Tips
This video shows threading using Viper Venom cutting oil.

Here is the Safety Data Sheet for this product.