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Knurls, Fine Straight

Knurls, Fine Straight
Part Number: 2972
Weight: 0.10 lb

Price: $5.95

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  • High Speed Steel
  • 3/4" Diameter x 3/8" Width x 1/4" Shaft Hole
  • 33 Lines per Inch


This is a pair of fine straight high speed steel knurls.

The knurls are 3/4" diameter, 3/8" wide and have a 1/4" shaft hole.

These knurls create 33 lines per inch.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
You only want to use one straight knurl at a time to ensure that you get a clean pattern. Make a "blank" knurl for the bottom shaft of your knurler. Just make a steel roller that is 3/4" OD, and 3/8" wide, with a 1/4" hole in the middle.



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