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Jog Dial for CNC Machines

         Made in United States
Jog Dial for CNC Machines
Part Number: 3414
Weight: 0.62 lb

Price: $94.95

In stock
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  • The ideal Mach3 accessory
  • Fully configurable
  • USB Interface
  • Setup software included
  • Complete jog pendent


The Z-Bot Jog Dial II replaces the hand cranks on CNC mills.

The Z-Bot Jog Dial II is a USB jog pendent controller developed to work in conjunction with the popular Mach3 CNC control software. It is supplied with an installation disc that contains a Mach3 custom plug-in. The Jog Dial II is highly flexible, easy to use, requires minimal configuration, and does not use any parallel port pins.

The Jog Dial II USB controller has an inner and outer dial. Used for rapid coarse positioning, the outer dial will jog progressively faster, up to the full jog speed configured in Mach3, as the dial is turned further to the right or left of the center detent. The outer dial springs back to center position when released. Used for fine positioning, the inner dial jogs the machine one step increment, as configured in Mach3 for each "click." Four buttons are used to select the axis to jog. The fifth button is easily configured for a variety of Mach3 functions using the plug-in supplied.

Chris' Tips

Chris Chris' Tips
Here are the instructions for the Jog Dial II.

You can download the software.



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