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Lead Screw Cover Installation -

6. Mark the holes for the bracket with a transfer punch. 7. Remove the left center bracket and installation tool. 8. Drill and tap for the M4 screws. 9. Install the left center bracket using two M4 screws. Reassemble the Lead Screw With three of the four brackets now screwed into position, you can begin putting everything back together. 1.

Catalog - catalog download. Our catalog does not include all the replacement parts for the mini lathe, mini mill, and micro mill. Use our Replacement Parts page to find them. You may also wish to see data sheets for the machines we sell. Catalog Request. Please fill out this form and we will mail you a catalog.

Bed Extension Kit 16 Instructions -

Bed Extension Kit 16 Instructions This kit converts a 7×10, 7×12, and 7×14 mini lathe manufactured by SIEG ... Two M10x35 dog point set screws ... 3. Using either a transfer punch or the largest drill bit that will fit through the rack mounting screw holes, mark the locations of the four rack mounting

Installing the Air Spring Kit -

head cap screw. 26.On the side where you removed the M8 socket head cap screw, use a 5 mm or #9 drill to drill down through the threaded hole in the belt cover and into the top of the head casting where you center punched it. You will drill into the hole for the M8 cap screw. 27.Remove the belt cover by removing four M6 socket head cap screws.

The Z-Bot Automatic Tool Changer – model ATC-X2

The Z-bot Automatic Tool Changer is designed to work with the popular Tormach tooling system. ... • 0.25” transfer punch or center punch • #7 and #36 drill bits ... Back out the set screw and remove the retaining collar from the torsion spring main axle on the other side of

Using Dividing Plates with the Rotary Table

then set the sector arms so they enclose the first hole you want and the last hole you want, but none of the intermediate holes. 3. Tighten the locking screw in the outer sector ring. Operating the Rotary Table With the dividing plate installed and set up, mount your work piece on the rotary table, and the rotary table on the mill.

Metric Tap & Tap Drill Clearance Drill Clearance Drill Sizes

Tap & Clearance Drill Sizes Tap Drill Clearance Drill Screw Size Major Diameter Plastics Threads Per Inch Minor Aluminum, Brass, Diameter 75% Thread for & 50% Thread for Steel, Stainless, & Iron Close Fit Free Fit Drill Size Dec. Eq. Drill Size Dec. Eq. Drill Size Dec. Eq. Drill Size Dec. Eq.

Shooting Star DRO Installation Instructions

Shooting Star DRO Installation Instructions ... • Four 8-32 x ¼” self-locking dog point socket set screws ... Using the bracket as a template, use a transfer punch to mark the hole locations. Using an electric hand drill, drill and tap two ¼-20 NC holes.

Calculator Menu -

Settings Check the drill sets that you own. Tap drill sizes Find tap drills, thread specs, and clearance drills. Rod Size for Die Threading Find the right rod size for threading with a die.

Using a Steel Rule -

Photoengraving, on the other hand, relies on a precision master to transfer the design to the rule. With a perfect master, each rule made from that master should also be virtually perfect. So the question becomes how well can a master be made? And the answer is very well indeed. The basic process for


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