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HiTorque Large Bench Mill, Deluxe

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HiTorque Large Bench Mill, Deluxe
  • 1000 watt (1-1/3 hp) brushless DC variable speed drive
  • Electrically interlocked spindle lock
  • Factory installed 3-axis DRO with hard wired display
  • Power head lift system
  • Tapping mode for reversing taps out
The HiTorque Large Bench Mill 6770 is our largest mill. It is a significant step up in size, rigidity, and power compared to a mini mill, or even our other bench mills. This bench top mill provides a larger table, more travel, more horsepower, and more rigidity. Compare our standard features and specs to others in this size and price range. The model 6770 HiTorque Deluxe Large Bench Mill has all the features of the model 6700 HiTorque Large Bench Mill, plus: - Factory installed, hard wired 3-axis DRO with easy to read display. Magnetic scales are mounted on the table and column. The DRO system provides accurate measurement for the X, Y, and Z axis in increments 0.0002". * Electrically interlocked spindle lock for easy, safe tool changes * Power head lift to raise or lower the mill head with the touch of a button Standard features include: A 1000 Watt (1-1/3 hp) brushless DC motor provides abundant spindle power and tremendous low-end torque. NSK brand Japanese-quality spindle bearings ensure years of quiet operation. A belt drive from motor to spindle eliminates any failure from gears breaking. A simple belt change switches between low range and high range, giving you continuously variable spindle speeds from 80-5000 rpm. The combination of a large table (29.1" x 7.1") and extensive travel along all axis (XYZ: 20.2", 8.5", 11.8") provides a large work envelope. Precision ground ways ensure smooth and accurate movement. Adjustable gibs are on all dovetail ways. Fine feed on Z-axis for precise control. The mill has a solid head and rectangular dovetail column which maintains head alignment at any height, ensuring years of rigid and "true" milling. A handy magnetic "toolbox" on the side of the column provides a convenient place for the spindle wrench and drawbar wrench. The mill has an R8 spindle for wide tool availability. A true quill and drill press-style handles make for easy drilling. Tapping-mode is another standard feature with a button on the end of each handle allowing you to reverse the spindle to make tapping easy. Standard features include a digital spindle speed display and a separate DRO for the quill which reads in inches and mm. You can automatically resume running at the last-used spindle speed. Spindle fine feed and position lock are also standard. Large anodized handwheels on the X and Y axes and 10 TPI lead screws (Accurate to .001″) provide better accuracy readings than metric conversions. Ball thrust bearings on feed screws and split nuts on X and Y axes minimize backlash and ensure much smoother movements and less backlash. We stand behind every machine we sell. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right and we have the in-house technicians and replacement parts in our U.S. warehouse to back it up. *This mill is a version of the SIEG SX3.5 built to specifications. **WARNING: At over 350 pounds, you and your buddies can't lift this onto your bench. You will need an engine hoist, forklift, or other mechanical assist to move this machine. *NOTE* We ship machines only to the US and Canada.

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