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Accessories and tooling for X3 and SX3 mills

This list shows products that are specific to X3/SX3 mills. For products that work with many different mills, such as collet chucks, see Mill > Tooling.

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P/N Description Price  
5835 Power Drawbar, Bench Mill $995.00
5877 Power Lift System, G0704 Bench Mill $379.00
5564 Spindle Lock & Quill Stop, G0704 Mill $279.00
5120 Spindle Lock, G0463 - X3 Mill, Flip Style $132.95
5121 Spindle Lock, G0619 - SX3 Mill, Flip Style $139.95
4870 Spindle Lock, G0704 Mill $178.00
5068 Spindle Lock, G0720 Mill CLOSEOUT $159.00