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Space Block Set 

Space Block Set
  • 36 Piece space block set
  • Working surfaces hardened to Rc 57-60
  • Accuracy within 0.0001"
  • Individually marked
Part Number: 1757
Weight: 1.65 lb

Price: $89.95

In stock
36 piece space block set.

Use these space blocks to set a sine vise or sine bar to the correct angle.

Four connecting screws are included to make any length desired

Made of precision tool steel

Meets or exceeds federal specifications

Steel industrial machine parts come in a fitted case.

Chris Chris' Tips
You can set the Sine Vise to a precise angle using our Space Blocks.

The Sine Vise Height Table shows how to set the sine vise.

There are tables available that tell you how tall a stack of space blocks you need for a particular angle with a sine vise or sine bar. But nowadays, it is probably easier to find a calculator that has a sine function than the appropriate table. (There is such a calculator built into Windows--switch to scientific view.)

Here is how to use a calculator to calculate the stack of space blocks you need:
1. Enter the angle in decimal degrees (for example 15.2).
2. Press the SINE (or SIN) key (result 0.26218).
3. Press the X (multiply) key.
4. Enter the roll spacing (for example 5).
5. Press the = (equal) key (result 1.31095).

The following blocks are included this set:

.050, .060, .0625, .070, .080, .090, .100, .101, .102, .103
.104, .105, .106, .107, .108, .109, .110, .120, .125, .130
.140, .150, .160, .170, .180, .190, .200, .300, .400, .500
.600, .700, .800, .900, 1.00 (2 ea.)


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